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Lost Children - 30000 Minors Missing Lost Children - 30000 Minors Missing 3

An investigative look at the plight of tens of thousands unaccompanied refugee minors who have gone missing from European reception centres for asylum seekers. Where did they go? What happened to them?
Tens of thousands of children are on the move around Europe. They are hopeful that Europe will bring an end to their suffering and allow them to lead a better life. They are unaccompanied child refugees from Asia and Africa and are in desperate need of protection. On paper, Europe cares more about children’s rights than anywhere else. But 30,000 child refugees disappeared in 2014 and around 7,000 went missing in the first few months of 2015 alone. What happened to them? Where are they? Who is abusing them? Why doesn’t anybody seem to care about their destiny? Our film takes an investigative look at the situation: we follow the trails revealed to us by our interview partners, try to track down the youngsters who went missing in 2014, and look for the routes children repeatedly take across Europe. We discover their meeting places, find out how they manage to survive and earn money in cities like Rome or Milan. The film provides us with an overall picture of the phenomenon.

Current Affairs
Length 52’ HD
Film by Chiara Sambuchi
Co-production LAVAFILM with ZDF/ARTE 2016
Original Title Auf der Flucht – Kinder spurlos verschwunden