Geheime Welt der Kräuter - Kroatien KEY FÜR GROSSES BILD Balkan_Kraeuter
INDIEN WEB 11. Pillen werden getrocknet in McLeod Ganj, dem Sitz der tibetitschen Exilregierung. Foto Rolf Lamb INDIEN WEB 16. Indigoernte in Tamil Nadu. Foto Rolf Lambert 2015

A journey of discovery through various herb-growing regions: Provence, the Alps, the Balkans, Latin America and India.
Herbs fascinate people all over the world because they are so versatile: they smell good, taste good, and have healing properties. Since time immemorial, people throughout the world have used herbs: in kitchens, laboratories, in witches‘ cauldrons! In Europe, the secrets of herbal medicine were guarded behind monastery walls for centuries. Only with the advent of printing did the ABC of herbs find its way into private households. In the early 20th century, modern medicine replaced the traditional knowledge of herbs that had been passed down from one generation to the next. And today? Herbs are experiencing a renaissance: cosmetics manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies are experimenting with natural ingredients; natural therapies have reclaimed their place alongside conventional medicine. We embark on a journey of discovery through Provence, the Alps, the Balkans, Latin America and India. We meet herbal teachers, Ayurveda doctors, naturopaths, farmers, modern-day „herb fairies“, cooks – all authorities on herbs and compelling storytellers. Sophisticated aerial and fast-motion shots take viewers to far-flung herb-growing regions, and the film examines the complex processes of producing tinctures, oils, and natural remedies.

1) The Secret World of Herbs – in Provence
2) The Secret World of Herbs – in India
3) The Secret World of Herbs – in Latin America
4) The Secret World of Herbs – in the Alps
5) The Secret World of Herbs – in the Balkans

Nature / Travel / Lifestyle
Length 5×45’ HD
Films by Ilka Franzmann, Rolf Lambert, Christian Stiefenhofer, Bärbel Jacks, Sebastian Lindemann
Co-Production Filmquadrat.dok with MDR, SWR and ARTE
Original title Kräuterwelten