The Carpathian mountains stretch across seven European countries; a land of vast primeval forests, steep gorges and isolated peaks, that offers a precious refuge for some of the continent’s most charismatic creatures. Over the course of a summer, a mother brown bear struggles to find enough food for herself and her two young cubs. Long summer days are spent fattening up in preparation for the harsh winter ahead. For the youngsters, it’s a time to learn the essential survival skills they’ll need to make it to adulthood – and it could be a matter of life or death. Only around half of bear cubs will survive to their first birthday, and danger is never far away. In the depths of the forest, a pair of tiny lynx kittens take begin to venture away from the safety of their den. As they grow, they learn about the kill by watching their mother attentively. The adult lynx is the perfect ambush hunter, stalking silently towards her unsuspecting prey, and successfully tackling animals four times her own size. These kittens will soon be independent, and will need to know how to hunt and survive for themselves. The lives of Carpathian animals are inextricably linked with those of the humans who share this rugged landscape, and both have had to adapt in order to survive. With summer in full swing, the meadows are blooming with life. Honeybees are busy pollinating flowers – providing a vital service to the ecosystem – and ferrying nectar back to the nest. While local beekeepers take advantage of the honey these bees produce, so too to the brown bears, often raiding hives in search of a calorie-rich snack. The Carpathian mountains provide an oasis on a crowded continent, allowing some of Europe’s rarest and most beautiful creatures to roam free and raise their young in the shelter of these rugged peaks.

Episodes Carpathian Predators:
Realm of the Bear
Realm of the Wolf

Wildlife / Series / 4K
Length 48’ 4K (2×48′)
Co-Production Blink Films with The Element in association with Smithsonian Networks for Love Nature with the support of the Incentives for the Irish Film Industry