Genre Wildlife / Series / 4K
Length 48' 4K (2x48')
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In Europe, the remote wilderness of the Carpathian Mountains is a dramatic land of ancient forests and steep gorges. This is a place where mythical creatures still roam wild, and the rugged landscape is home to a predator that has inspired awe and fear throughout history: the Eurasian wolf. Persecuted in the past, it is now understood that these wolves play a vital role in the Carpathian ecosystem, protecting the health of the forest and positively affecting the whole food chain. In stunning 4K visual detail, Carpathian Predators: Realm of the Wolf follows the story of one wolf pack striving to raise their young pups to adulthood in this challenging environment. These beautiful creatures live in cooperative packs, caring for the alpha pair’s pups together as a group. Their hierarchy is reinforced through a complex array of body language and vocal signals, as are their strong social bonds. Using their incredible sense of smell – one hundred times better than that of humans – the pack’s adults work together to track and tackle large prey, aiming for enough to feed themselves and the young pups. As summer fades into autumn, the changing seasons bring challenges for all of the animals sharing this land. While for some creatures it is a time to fatten up before winter, for others, it is a time to fight. Deep in the forests, deep bellows and clashing antlers signal that the annual red deer rut has commenced. Proud, testosterone-fuelled stags vie for the right to mate – but it is a battle that could cost them their lives. In the undergrowth, the changing seasons bring a very different challenge for the fire salamander. As the days shorten and the temperatures drop, he must find a place to hibernate for the winter months ahead. As he journeys through the leaf litter, his brightly-coloured belly protects him from the predators lurking around him – a vivid warning of the deadly toxins lurking under his skin. While life in the Carpathian mountains can often be difficult for the animals who reside there, the rugged peaks and dense forests also offer a precious refuge on a crowded continent; a place to raise their young for generations to come.

Episodes Carpathian Predators:
Realm of the Bear
Realm of the Wolf

Wildlife / Series / 4K
Length 48’ 4K (2×48′)
Co-Production Blink Films with The Element in association with Smithsonian Networks for Love Nature with the support of the Incentives for the Irish Film Industry