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Iceland’s nature is spectacular, its life expectantcy is among the highest as much as the level of education, income and – happiness. What is the island’s secret? A cinematic search with fantastic pictures in 4K.
Majestic volcanoes, seething geysers, raging waterfalls, threatening fjords, mighty glaciers, endless lava fields – there is hardly another country in the world that offers as much impressive nature as Iceland, the remote island in the harsh North Sea. Here, the four elements of nature can be experienced as raw and close-up as in practically no other place on Earth. And nowhere on the northern hemisphere can the origin of life, can growth and decay be experienced as dramatically as here. Iceland’s first settlers were bold from the offset, emancipating themselves from Old Europe in the 10th century by introducing a new form of government. A millennium later, Iceland becomes the first country to elect a female head of state. The island also comes out on top in terms of life expectancy, income and level of education, and it is considered to be the world’s most peaceful country – and to top it off, they’re said to be the happiest people in the world. And even during the banking crisis, it managed to recover more quickly than other countries – thanks in part to the booming tourist industry. What makes the Icelanders so successful? How could its inhabitants, here at the ends of the earth, not only survive, but also develop a society that is so exemplary in many areas? Is there such a thing as an Icelandic secret? This genre-spanning film looks for answers. A cinematic search with fantastic pictures in 4K.

Length 90’/52’, 4K
Film by Reinhard Kungel
Production rk-film, 2018
Original Title Iceland – Ice and Fire