Artists, designers, architects and dancers – Moscow has risen to the status of Russia’s cultural capital in recent years. We introduce some of its most prominent figures and institutions.

In recent years Moscow has emancipated itself to become Russia’s cultural capital. Self- confident and critical in confronting its own history and culture, and yet tolerant and open to new things. "Moscow is not a city. Moscow is energy," says the young local architect Boris Bernaskoni. Igor Schelkovski, a sculptor and painter, returned from exile in Paris a few years ago to live and work in his hometown of Moscow. And the painter Alexandra Paperno is back again from America. Both are now successfully exhibiting their works in city galleries. Alisa Joffe, a young artist who has not only conquered Moscow but meanwhile made a name for herself worldwide, is setting up a show at Triumph, a renowned private gallery. The Garage Gallery is attracting attention with exhibitions on current themes and the famous state-run Tretyakov Gallery is showing not only amazing Russian avant-garde treasures but also Soviet-era art – a museum that is a veritable cultural event. We introduce Moscow artists, designers and dancers to shed light on this latest chapter in the city’s art history. Moscow’s cultural scene dazzles these days with its splendid diversity.