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In 60 AD, Paul the Apostle survived a shipwreck. The location of the wreck was the subject of much controversy until, 2000 years later, a diver discovered an ancient anchor off the coast of Malta… Thirty years after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Paul the Apostle and 275 men astonishingly survived their ship being wrecked in a violent storm on their journey to Rome. About 2000 years later, a Maltese scuba diver discovers an ancient Roman anchor with the Egyptian gods ISIS and SARAPIS engraved on it. The discovery re-opens the search for the exact site of the wrecked ship, and unexpectedly attracts the attention of Pope Benedict XVI, who is intrigued by its possible biblical significance and asks to personally inspect the anchor. The same diver believes he has made an even more important discovery – and claims he now knows why the ancient ship drifted off course in a violent storm and shipwrecked off the island of Malta. Paul, Luke, the Centurion and other personages in the Acts of the Apostles miraculously reach dry land to be welcomed by the ‚Barbarians‘ who are later converted to Christianity. How does this Biblical event lead to the formation of a nation? Experts take a closer look at ancient seafaring traditions, how anchors were constructed, history, tradition and the Acts of the Apostles…

History / Archeology / Religion
Length 52’ HD
Film by Tony Parnis
Production Paulus Production with the support of Malta Film Fund, 2014
Original Title PAVLVS. The Shipwreck 60 A.D.