The film documents the work of mobile street photographer Samson in Kenya. His photos introduce us to the lives of modern Kenyans – in the city and in rural regions.

Nairobi is one of the most vibrant metropolises of Africa. In the middle of Nairobi City Park, we have discovered and documented true historians: not priviledge but hard-working, Nairobi’s street photographers offer us intimate views of Africa. They have been roaming the parks and public spaces of the city since the late 1970s. They are out door photographers with analogue cameras as old as forty or fifty years. Samson, our protagonist, gets involved with the personal stories of his clients. Through Samson, we discover the modern Kenya from the inside. His archive of negatives and stories are time capsules of recent Kenyan history: people have posed in front of his battered, analogue camera for more than 30 years. We filmed Samson at work in Nairobi City Park, we accompanied him to one of Kenya’s poorest slums, Dandora, and we went with him to his idyllic family farm in Rift Valley. The documentary is a portrait of a self-made man who is a chronicler of Kenyan society. The street photographers are our key to foreign cultures and customs.

Length 45’ HD
Film by Silke Gondolf
Co-Production: Element 6 Media with ZDF/ARTE, 2013
Original title: Im Fokus von Kenias Straßenfotografen / Une photo pour l’éternité

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