Petersburg, 1917: we re-experience the year of the two revolutions. From the perspective of Russian artists such as Maxim Gorky and Kazimir Malevich, we recount the events of this turbulent year.

Petersburg, 1917: Russian artists in the year of two revolutions. The tsar abdicates and suddenly everything seems possible. Eight months after the February Bourgeois Democratic Revolution, the Bolshevists seize power in October. But what exactly happened in this period between February and October? How did the people of Petersburg experience these turbulent months? With the help of numerous detailed recordings and documents, we recount the events from the perspective of artists such as Maxim Gorky, Kazimir Malevich and Zinaida Gippius. We find out how the artists tried to influence the future of Russia. We learn of their thoughts, strategies, concerns and everyday problems, and we see the events of the time through their eyes. The questions they then faced are still relevant today: What role do artists and art play in times of social upheaval? Where and how did they push forward events themselves? A filmically experimental perspective of these events, inspired by the avant-garde aesthetics of this time.