How does good architecture impact our cities and our lives? We visit the most fascinating buildings in nine European cities and meet visionary planners who offer us answers to these questions. 

How does good architecture impact our cities and our lives? What solutions do modern architects have for the urban problems of today? How can we build in an ecologically sustainable way? How can modern and classical architecture be combined? What is the future of urban architecture? On strolls through nine European cities, we look for answers to these questions and set out in search of visionary planners who take an experimental approach to designing and transforming our environments. Our journey takes us to the world's most radical architectural projects, through transformed dockland districts, to buildings with breathtaking atmospheres and into the private homes of visionary architects. We tour the cities of Amsterdam, Nantes, Bordeaux, Cologne, Munich, Lyon, Luxembourg, Copenhagen, Antwerp and the Ruhr region. We meet artists, museum directors, urban planners, a monk, and famous architects such as Dominique Perrault, Wolf D. Prix, Jan Gehl, Odile Decq and Willem Jan Neutelings. Viennese architect Jakob Dunkl takes us on a guided tour of these European cities and their fascinating architecture, sharing with us his boundless curiosity and knowledge.