Where do people live the longest? We visit five different regions in the search of the secrets of a long life.

Eternal youth has long been a dream of mankind. These days there is less focus on taking off the years than on living a longer, happier and healthier life, maintaining fitness and youthfulness to be able to live to an advanced age. We have identified certain regions in the world where people appear to have discovered the recipe for longevity. Remarkable numbers of centenarians are leading busy, active lives in these places. Older people who have remained young and healthy enjoy an agility and alertness that defy their age; they work and play as if it were no effort at all. What’s their secret? Part of it is surely to do with the fact that Mother Nature has been so kind to these places, offering them a kind of culture that promotes health. The series visits five different regions in search of the secrets of a long life: Abkhazia on the Black Sea, Campodimele in Italy, Guanacaste in Costa Rica, Hainan in China and finally Loma Linda, California, USA. Even though these places are far part and have very different cultures, cuisines and landscapes, the people who live their all have a number of very important things in common: unspoiled countryside and healthy food, physical movement and the security of a community.