The greatest liar of all times, Baron Munchausen, fell prey to a plot of lies himself. While his stories have become world literature and defined his public image as the ‚Baron of Lies‘, hardly anybody knows the real Munchausen and his tragic fate. Having experienced the splendid life at the Russian tsar’s court, the Baron – back in Germany – bemoans his fate as an aristocrat of rather modest means. The only comfort to him: his adventures, which he embroiders with a considerable attention to detail in his grand salon. But what starts as a harmless vainglory within a circle of friends takes on a life of its own and ends in a meshwork of lies and deception. But if it wasn’t Munchausen himself, who else is the creator of the famous stories about the Baron? Official documents, letters and interviews with descendants of Baron Munchausen unfold this colorful story of intrigues and adventures. High-end character driven recreations starring famous actor Ben Becker, as the Baron, bring to life the 18th century at different chapters in Munchausen‘s biography.


Length 52‘ HD
Film by Kai Christiansen
Production Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion for NDR and NDR/ARTE with the support of Nordmedia and Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, 2012
Original title Münchhausen – Die Geschichte einer Lüge
Cast: Ben Becker, Alexander Beyer, Oana Solomon

online screening BARON MUNCHAUSEN – English version 52

online screening BARON MUNCHAUSEN – German version 52

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