Is Brazil the world’s next economic superpower? Find out with this film!

Brazil has become the world’s leading food producer, providing the whole world with soya, sugar, coffee and meat. Huge reserves of crude oil have been discovered off the coasts. On the famous Forbes list, President Dilma Rousseff is the second most powerful woman in the world. Most of the 200 million or so Brazilians have benefited from their country’s economic upturn. Of these, no fewer than 40 million have escaped the clutches of extreme poverty and now wield purchasing power for the very first time. And they want more: they want greater political power, better schools and a working transport system. The film combines an analysis of Brazil’s development with the life story of Dilma Rousseff. During the military dictatorship, she was one of the leaders of the guerrilla movement, for which she was imprisoned, as was her predecessor, Lula da Silva.