From the turbulent reefs of the Pacific Ocean, to the sun-bleached sands of the Caribbean Sea, ‘Colombia’s Wild Coast’ takes us on a trans-oceanic tour to two islands off the South American continent. Nestled oceans apart, evolution has bestowed to the islands a huge diversity of fascinating creatures, making their home in some of the most unique habitats on Earth.

On the tiny Caribbean Island of Providencia, 400 miles from Colombia’s Atlantic coast, a young female black crab is about to undertake the biggest mission of her life; to escort her 80,000 eggs from her mountain top home, on a 2 mile hike to the coast. Using cutting edge camera equipment to capture every minute detail of the young crab’s migration, this film will bring the very highest quality of world wildlife cinematography to Providencia like it has never been filmed before, all in stunning ultra high definition. The journey will be fraught with dangers as she navigates dry tropical forest, one of the most threatened habitats on Earth, home to hungry black iguanas and thick acacia scrub policed by vicious stinging ants. Closer to the shore awaits a tangled web of mangroves where huge boas and night herons, with crab-crushing jaws, are on the hunt among the labyrinthine roots. She won’t make the voyage alone. Every hour that she travels more crabs join the march. Eventually half of the islands three million crabs are sharing the journey, ready to release their eggs. Though many will be struck down by the biggest crab killer of them all, a road. The crab carnage on the tarmac is the stuff of nightmares, but the journey must go on. She has just 3 days to complete her mission, and timing is everything. She must get to the water and release her eggs just as they are ready to hatch. Even if she makes it her troubles are far from over. Frigate birds patrol the beaches and nurse sharks lurk in the waves. And beyond the surf, reef fish and gigantic whale sharks are waiting to gorge themselves on crab caviar. The chances of survival are slim. But with high stakes, the march begins.

Episodes Colombia's Wild Coast:
March of the Crabs
Gorgona - Snake Prison Island