Berlin, Moscow, Paris: A concierge knows everyone and everything. But despite his ever-friendly manner, he remains something of a phantom figure.

A concierge is responsible for providing everything that makes a guest’s stay more comfortable. His computer and address book are his main assets. This film tells the story of a unique profession and offers an insight into the discreet world of a job which entails everything from being a nurse to millionaires to being a magician for the rich and famous. Although the concierge knows the personal secrets of the upper classes and the jet set, no indiscretion ever passes his lips. Amongst each other, concierges frequently discuss the travel routes and needs of their guests, but to outsiders they remain silent. The concierge is one piece of luxury that luxury hotels allow themselves, to fulfil the wishes of their guests. Or, as Roderick Levejac, head concierge at the Hotel George V sums up: “The concierge should be the cherry on the top of the cake.”