In 1933, Herman Göring created his very own realm, a lavishly designed hunting lodge – Carinhall – not far from Berlin. We take a closer look at the history of this mysterious place.

The second man in the Third Reich created his very own realm "for eternity" not far from Berlin. Built in 1933 at public expense, Hermann Göring had the hunting lodge lavishly designed in the style of a Swedish log cabin, which he called Carinhall after his first wife. He turned the secluded and romantic location into the perfect stage for his large-scale presentations. Guests of state and diplomats shook hands at Carinhall: the Swedish king, the emperor of Siam, Mussolini… Göring was proud to show off his realm, with his lions, the extensive park, precious works of art and even two huge model railways. When war broke out, Göring moved more and more of his meetings to Carinhall. Aerial warfare was coordinated from here, as was the genocide in the East. At the Nuremberg Trials, he still enthused about the good times at Carinhall, feeding rumours about hidden treasures, and tried in vain to make a deal with them to save his neck. The documentary takes a closer look at this mysterious place. For the first time ever, the story of Carinhall is told in a comprehensive documentary film with outstanding film footage, fascinating new material, accounts from contemporary witnesses and assessments from experts.