In high-end cineflex images immerse yourself in the stories of old pirate dens, poor fishing villages and jet-set life. It is a refreshingly different view on the conventional travelogue.

All major discoveries in history started onboard of a ship – off to new shores, off to new ports. According to this motto, we set out to explore five showcase marinas located on some of the world’s most picturesque and strategically important coastlines. It is not about mega-ports and their big logistics, it’s about the hidden marinas, from where we open up the view to a grand panorama discovering their backwaters. Wild untouched nature, the ever vibrant ancient culture, and unique biographies await us in:

Punta del Este / Uruguay - Silver River’s Paradise
Alaska / USA - The Big Catch at the Foot of the Volcano
La Rochelle / France - Heart of the Atlantic Coast
Cádiz / Spain - Port of Light
Longyearbyen / Spitsbergen / Norway - Treasures in Eternal Ice