The daredevil journey of two free spirits who explore monumental landscapes on their motorcycles and discover the magic of foreign cultures. In six months they cover 28,000 kilometres, from Germany to India.

Imagine getting on your motorbike and just taking off. From Germany. To India. By land. Before you lie thousands of kilometres of uncertainty as your home fades away in the rear-view mirror. A crackpot idea? Maybe. A hell of an adventure? You better believe it! Erik and Alain dared to do just that. The two are masters at escaping their comfort zone in a cloud of dust. But this trip has plenty of surprises in store for even the most hardened bikers. Through Turkey, across the Caucasus and on towards Central Asia... Erik and Alain conquer the endless expanses of the Kazakh steppe and balance on their Yamahas along bottomless chasms all the way up to the snow-covered roof of the world. Violent and changeable weather in thin air, oil filters full of holes and pothole-lined trails test the adventurers’ mettle before they plunge into the chaotic Indian traffic. After just under six months, 28,000 kilometres and 14 countries, their journey ends under the palm trees of Goa. A gripping road movie that follows two free spirits on a daredevil journey as they explore monumental landscapes on their motorcycles, discover the magic of foreign cultures, and laugh in the face of the toughest of trials.