This is where Hitler planned his war and where it ended with his death in the bunker: The New Reich Chancellery in Berlin.

It was Hitler’s official residence, office and bunker; from here he planned the war and here it ended with his death – the New Reich Chancellery in Berlin. “He who enters the Reich Chancellery must feel that he is in the presence of the Lords of the World.” This was the only condition that Adolf Hitler set for his building which was completed in 1939. It was a piece of architecture that became the stage for a merciless and ruthless power; a megalomaniac’s villa with endless hallways and huge spaces; a sovereign’s palace, which Hitler’s court architect, Albert Speer tailor-made for his “Führer”. After the fall of the Nazi regime, it was blown up, cleared away and forgotten. The authors of the documentary approach the place and its history from various perspectives and with startling film footage. These include comprehensive film archive material, faithful and unique 3D animations and discoveries from the Moscow archives. An exciting investigation in central Berlin of what is to this very day, a place of myths, legends and secrets.