Can it be true that football games in Europe are being manipulated from Asia? An exciting global investigation.

The investigative documentary “The Bet” reveals how organised crime gangs around the world are fixing football games and earning millions of euros through illegal sports betting. For the first time, the film shows how closely European criminals are cooperating with the international – particularly Asian – gambling mafia. Since it is possible to bet online on football matches from anywhere around the world, at any time and on practically every football game, gambling revenue has exploded to an estimated 200 billion euros – match fixing has too. Because of online betting, match fixing in football is now completely out of control. The film shows how football is being infiltrated by criminals and is neither “fair” nor “beautiful”. Even though there are currently many match fixing investigations in Europe and around the world - investigators are still talking about “the tip of an iceberg”. The authorities see no end to illegal gambling and matchfixing in the near future. Filming locations: Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Paris, Zurich, Berlin.