Shot in impressive bathhouses full of history and stories, this series captivates not only hydrophiles. Each episode looks at a different country and culture, showing bathhouses of different eras and styles.

This entertaining series looks at the design, architecture and culture of bathhouses from various eras: the Géllert Thermal Bath in Budapest, the Sento Takara-yu in Tokyo, the Roman Baths in Bath and the Hamam Kılıç Ali Paşa in Istanbul. The viewer is immersed in elegant scenes of traditional temples to wellness. Conceived in a variety of architectural and interior styles, the cathedrals of bathing were designed to integrate aesthetics and art into people’s daily lives. In ancient Roman architecture, an impression of monumentality was achieved through massive elements supported by thick columns. The Orient is represented by master builder Sina, considered the premier Ottoman architect of all time. In Japan, post-war bathhouse architecture was modern but incorporated traditional culture, and in Europe variations on Art Nouveau came into play. All of these bathhouses unite form and functionality, art and hygiene under one roof. Works of art in their own right, the bathing establishments of past centuries served a very specific purpose: washing and caring for the body amidst columns, under domes, surrounded by artistic tiles and playful sculptures, in other words, integrating hygiene and health into everyday life.