A music-laden, humorous cinema documentary, capturing the many comic and charming moments when musicians from two worlds come together.

Tango was born in Buenos Aires and no one dances tango as passionately as the Argentineans do – that, at least is what the Argentineans themselves believe. Tango is as Finnish as sauna and skiing – that is what the famous Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki and many of his fellow countrymen are convinced of. Two countries, two opinions, two musical traditions. This film is a humorous, light-hearted road movie, accompanying three Argentinean tango musicians as they leave the milongas of Buenos Aires behind to discover tango in faraway Finland. They are noisy, passionate and one hundred percent convinced that their music is the only true tango. Travelling through Finland, they immerse themselves in a completely new world. Long strips of forests, hundreds of lakes, bright summer nights and, above all, slightly shy and quiet people who play this foreign music called Finnish tango. Travelling through the scenic landscape, they encounter great Finnish tango singers and composers. Director Viviane Blumenschein created a delicate music documentary, using big, beautifully shot images to capture the longing every tango song
sings about.