The series of investigative documentaries shows how the race for raw materials creates prosperity and jobs, but simultaneously inflicts harm on people and the environment. Do countries have to abandon their principles for the sake of the energy transition and economy?

This series of investigative documentaries uncovers the reality behind the race for raw materials. While it creates prosperity and job opportunities, it comes at a great cost to both people and the environment. How can Germany meet its demand for raw materials? Will it abandon principles for the sake of the energy transition and economy? The EU imports oil and gas from Azerbaijan and intends increasing imports in future. But the country is governed by an authoritarian system and opposition is repressed. Nevertheless, EU politicians continue to court the regime. The research reveals that European politicians are systematically “rewarded” for turning a blind eye to Azerbaijan’s autocracy in return for access to critical resources. Chile and Brazil are important suppliers of lithium, which plays a central role in electromobility. Industry representatives take a closer look at how lithium is extracted and discover that far more raw materials would have to be extracted from Chile’s mines to satisfy resource requirements. Meanwhile, in Brazil, investors are hyping “green lithium” as particularly sustainable. But what is the truth behind the suppliers’ grandiose promises?