War photographer Gervasio Sánchez portrayed the post- war generation in Sarajevo. Now and 25 years ago.

Twenty-five years ago, after the siege of Sarajevo, war photographer Gervasio Sánchez moved to the city and took photos of children on the war-ravaged streets. Since then, he has returned to Sarajevo every year and stayed in contact with some of his former subjects. How are the “children” now? One emblematic shot of four girls behind a shattered windshield has continued to haunt him ever since. We accompany him on his quest to find these four girls who are now adult women. The different stories of the people portrayed in the photos paint a fine picture of an entire post-war generation. Will their children have a better future, or do they face a new war, as the media claims?

Genre Society / History
Length 80'/52' HD/4K
Film by Amanda Sans, Angel Leiro
Production Lukimedia for ZDF/ARTE, Aragón TV and Al Jazeera Documentary
Original Title Album de posguerra
Year In production, delivery October 2020