At the end of his own football career, a former premier league international from Nigeria becomes a players’ agent who lures young African players to Europe with promises of fame and success.

Moses Adams, 28, a former premier league international from Nigeria, slowly realises that, after a long-term injury, his professional football career is coming to an end. Based in Belgium and in need of funds, he decides to become a players’ agent and set up a small football academy in Nigeria. With hopes for a promising career, he lures young talents to Europe. But will he be able to keep his promises? Like his protégés, Moses once came to Europe with big hopes of a new life, an international career. But at the end of his sports career, there's no going back and he himself becomes part of a system that lives on the dreams of young men. Most of them will never be able to realise their sporting ambitions, but failure is not an option for them. They will stay in Europe, often without papers and a support network. These stranded players can be found on small pitches in the backstreets of all major European cities. They continue to train to stay fit and hope that one day they will achieve a major breakthrough. We follow Moses, his fellow athletes and protégés, and we take a look at their stories.