The best newcomers to the opera scene from Australia, Canada, France, Poland, Russia, South Korea and the USA compete against each other in an extraordinary and exciting singing competition on a luxury cruise ship.

This 4-part documentary captures the most exciting and high-class contest of the musical world. During the singing competition Stella Maris, the most renowned newcomers to the international opera scene meet up for a strong-voiced battle on the high seas: Who will ultimately win? Who will score with the renowned jury, and who will score with the audience? The winner of the competition receives an award of 15,000 euro. Further prizes include guest engagements as well as an opportunity to record a CD with the Deutsche Grammophon. The Stella Maris takes place on the luxury cruise liner MS Europa. En route from Dubai to the Seychelles director Ralf Pleger accompanies eight up-and-coming talents from the world’s most renowned opera houses. In four rounds (opera, oratorio, song and ensemble) the participants compete for the favour of the jury and audience as well as for lucrative prizes. The focus of the Stella Maris is on the works of Verdi and Wagner, which will be individually interpreted with the help of professional singing coach Michael Schade.