Vichy, Carlsbad, Bad Ragaz – The splendid health spas of the belle époque remain to this day, with their eccentric architecture, exclusive Grand Hotels, glamorous thermal springs, bright columned halls, playful drinking fountains and broad promenades. The most successful spas have been able to hold onto the old understanding of the good life while simultaneously embracing modernity. Set against some of the most stunning landscapes in Europe, these health resorts continue to expand our knowledge of the healing power nature possess – of air, water, salt, stone, vegetation and climate. It is for this very reason that they are currently experiencing an impressive renaissance. This visually glamorous and charming five-part series presents the success stories of the most beautiful health resorts in Europe.

Austria / Bad Ischl – The Invention of the Summer Retreat
Italy / Montecatini – The Healing Springs of Tuscany
France / Vichy – The Queen of Health Resorts
Czech Republic / Carlsbad, Franzbad and Marienbad – The Bohemian Spa Triangle
Switzerland / Bad Ragaz – The Source of the Good Life

Travel / Health
Length: 5 x 45’ HD
Films by Monika Kirschner, Meike Hemschemeier, Marion Schmidt, Nina Koshofer
Production: TAG/TRAUM for ZDF/ARTE, 2012
Original title: Kur Royal / Restons en bons thermes!