A funny and stunning voyage between fantasy and reality.

Every year in high summer, one of the major battles of humankind is fought. Knights, elves and wizards attempt to win the battle against orcs, demons and the dark side of the force. What looks like a scene from the film THE LORD OF THE RINGS takes place away from the eyes of the media, as thousands of live role players meet and immerse themselves in their fantasy world. In a goodhumoured look at their world, we discover that the role players are entirely ordinary people from our society, who simply have an unusual pastime. The film follows five role players in their everyday lives and in their parallel world. They dream of being good or evil, transforming into elves or orcs, being brave and daring or simply want to let their imagination have free rein and play the game. But why do so many people from so many walks of life spend their free time immersed in this parallel world? Where does this yearning for fantasy, magic and shared experience come from? And how do our protagonists – intelligent, endearing and reflective people – reconcile the contradictions of their parallel life?