The Amazon rainforest is the largest rainforest on the planet – a vast natural wonderland that stretches across 1.4 billion acres. It’s home to a staggering array of weird and wonderful creatures – all of which have to compete to survive in one of the most challenging environments on earth. In stunning 4K visual detail, Surviving the Amazon: The Dry Season documents the struggle to survive at the toughest time of year in the Amazon rainforest

During the Dry Season, the 4,100 miles of rivers that criss-cross the rainforest are at their lowest. Predator and prey, already living side-by-side, are forced even more tightly together. As the pressures mount on some of the most endangered rainforest species, how will they navigate the trials and tribulations of their newly challenging world? Giant River Otters, found nowhere else on earth, must teach their young pups to swim and fish if they are to survive the rest of the year; will they grow big enough in time? Capybara babies are bite-sized for an array of fierce jungle predators; how can they survive in this dense environment – and when they have to take the plunge in the treacherous rainforest rivers, what is lurking just around the corner? Learn the survival secret of one of the oldest species living on the waterways; witness how one of the smallest and most deadly Amazon animals adapts to the unstable world of the changing seasons; uncover how tiny turtles can survive terrifying flash flooding and discover how one tree could be the difference between life and death for a huge number of animals in the dry season. In the Amazon jungle, conditions can switch from cracked earth to flooded, submerged trees in an instant. Learn how the species living in this ancient world must be resourceful, and enterprising, to survive.