An investigative documentary that exposes the links between Western intelligence services and Pakistan's ISI in the war on Islamist terrorism. A perfidious business with terrorism is revealed.

The film aims to find out who is behind Islamist terrorists, the allegedly single perpetrators or autonomous cells that attack targets all over the world. The terrorist attacks can be traced back to Paris, Brussels, Madrid, London and an organisation less well known than IS or Al Qaeda: It calls itself Lashkar-e-Taiba, or Army of the Righteous. It was founded by and is closely linked with the Pakistani intelligence service ISI. Research shows that the masterminds behind numerous attacks work for the Pakistani intelligence service, a partner service of German, French and US intelligence services. In other words, intelligence services in the West train the people who are behind the attacks. They give money to the ISI to infiltrate terrorist groups and monitor terrorists. But in reality, the money goes to the Army of the Righteous and other groups. This means they bring terrorism to Europe. And when fear of new attacks grows, the Europeans give Pakistan even more money. We regard Pakistan as an ally in the war on terror when in fact the state is the main sponsor and supporter of numerous terrorist organisations, financed, armed and trained by its Western partners. The more money they have, the more terrorist attacks are carried out. The more terrorist attacks that occur, the more money there is. Are our intelligence services responsible for making terrorism possible in the first place? Where do we draw the line when it comes to cooperating with partner services? An investigation uncovers for the first time the perfidious business with terrorism.