The internet giant Wikipedia is about to turn 20. We take a look at its background and the future of the online encyclopaedia.
In 2021, the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia celebrates its 20th anniversary. With its philosophy of “knowledge by all, for all”, Wikipedia has pushed aside all printed encyclopaedias. In total there are about 50 million articles in almost 300 languages. Anybody can contribute. But little is known about the individual creators of this vast pool of knowledge who feed the virtual giant 365 days a year. What drives them to spend unpaid time at the service of human knowledge? Why is 85% of the content provided by the so-called old white men contributing what they consider relevant for the planet? And will artificial intelligence soon take over? A look at the current state of the online encyclopaedia.

Length 90’/52’ HD
Film by Maria Teresa Curzio
Co-Production HANFGARN & UFER with MTC Producciones
Original title Die Schwarmoffensive
Completion December 2020