Deciding between exotic destinations and holidays at home – Will we ever be able to fly again without feeling guilty? We examine the tourism business today and ask how it envisages the future.

At the latest since the pandemic brought the tourist industry to a standstill, one thing is for sure: too much travel is bad for the environment. Tourism transforms entire regions, profoundly impacts communities and often brings benefits for only a very few. But our desire to travel remains unbroken. Do travellers have to decide between the two extremes: exotic destinations (and high carbon footprints) or holidays at home? Given the climate emergency, can we fly without feeling guilty? How environmentally damaging are cruises? And what does it mean to have a sustainable holiday? The documentary examines an industry that had got ahead of itself even before it was hit by the pandemic. We hear from mayors, tourism managers, a climate expert, internet activist and a sociologist. The film travels to the European tourist hotspots of Barcelona, Venice and Dubrovnik. The tiny island of Palau in the Pacific Ocean demonstrates how sustainable travel can be sensibly organised and a Paris start-up develops a concept for virtual travel experiences.