We all wonder about politicians’ statements, managers’ salaries and social injustice. But there are people amongst us who can no longer wonder in silence. People who urge us, to question ourselves and the system we live in. Like Charlie Veitch and his Love Police.

Charles Veitch worked as a financial adviser in London’s City for seven years. In 2009 he was fired. Instead of finding a new job, he bought a megaphone. And with the help of his friend Danny Shine he set up a group called The Love Police. They went to public places to annoy people – officious police officers and security guards mostly. They hugged passers-by and held up signs saying ‘Everything is Okay’ and challenged people to question their attitudes to work, money and authority. They filmed these events and posted them on Youtube and they became popular. And the bigger Love Police grew, the more radical Veitch became. He was a witness to the death of Ian Tomlinson during the 2009 G 20 summit, called for “chaos” in London, took part in the Occupy movement, was arrested in Toronto, Edinburgh and London, and invited to festivals around the world. He was also a conspiracy theorist and 9/11 truther. But when he rather dramatically turned away from the 9/11 conspiracy movement, the threats began. The music for the film was composed by the Stereo MCs, also based in London.