Sergey Tanin from Yakutia was already determined at a young age to pursue a solo career as a pianist. We show how he succeeds in making the leap from his icy homeland to Moscow and then to Switzerland.

Coal is mined in Sergey Tanin’s homeland, in winter people drive their cars across frozen rivers, and icy hands are more common than virtuoso fingers. But he already knew as a child that he would become a pianist. Sergey learned to hold his own as a child at a music boarding school far away from home, as a young adult at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, and now in Switzerland, where he triumphed at the Concours Géza Anda in 2018. We follow the gifted pianist to Switzerland, to Moscow and on a visit to his homeland in Yakutia. We get to know a disciplined young man who, though homesick for Siberia, resolutely pursues his desire for further artistic and professional development.