„Tour du Faso“ is Africa’s biggest cycling race – An event attracting fortune seekers and dreamers of great variety.

“Tour du Faso” is Africa’s biggest cycling race – running directly across the savannah. It’s legendary among fans and racing cyclists all around the world. While the race is an adaptation of the Tour de France, it has still retained its original and very African character as a flawed – but much more sympathetic – copy of its European model. Some parts of the course are mere sand tracks, the advertising caravan consists of a single car, and instead of being broadcasted on video cubes, commercials are performed live at the finishing line by amateur actors. Amid the clash of European perfectionism and African realities, we follow German hobby adventurers, French expros and African local heroes in their passionate fight for making their dreams come true. Our film does not focus on the question of who will win – instead, the attention lies on the inner journey of the protagonists. We take the audience on a time travel back into pre-commercialized decades. For our underdog hereos, it is still participating that counts…

Human Interest / Sports
Length 52‘/ 90‘ HD
Film by Wilm Huygen
Co-Production augenschein Filmproduktion with La Huit, 2013
Original title Tour du Faso

Festivals & Awards (selection)
Stranger Than Fiction Cologne, Germany 2014
Kasseler Dokfest, Germany 2013
Filmfest Biberach, Germany 2013