Music drama about a group of youths from the German provinces who make it to LA with their band – but fail disastrously. As adults, they overcome their personal demons to make music again. And they stay friends.

"We swear we'll be the best rock band ever," they scribbled immodestly on the back of their demo tape in 2000. "If you don't believe us, fuck off!" The recipients were the biggest record labels in America, the senders: UNION YOUTH, a garage band from the north German provinces. With songs like hand grenades, their plan is bold, shameless and naive. But the Americans like them and send them four tickets to fly out to Los Angeles. Maze, Michael, Jan and Nobse, all in their early twenties, play for superstars, ride in limousines, hang out in bars with Robbie Williams and Josh Homme. The following years are magical, ecstatic, wild. But after endless gigs and drug excesses, the band breaks up. Fifteen years later, part of the band reforms again under the name PICTURES. But what does this mean? Are they renewing friendships? Reinventing their musical identities? While Maze goes through hell trying to kick his drug habit, the others embark on a painful journey of self-discovery. Who were they? How could they let things get so bad? Despite their fears, they decide to risk it again. They want a new band, a new beginning. And a new lifestyle: pop music, green tea, self-imposed detox diets. Can it work? Just as the band is about to embark on its first tour, the situation escalates.