Wer und was stecken hinter dem statistisch häufigsten Namen Deutschlands? Auf der Suche nach der Essenz des „Durchschnittsdeutschen" heißen (fast) alle Interviewpartner Thomas Müller.

A search for the real face behind Germany’s most common name “Thomas Müller”. This journey takes director Christian Heynen through Germany, while interviewing (almost) everybody with the name “Thomas Müller”. We start at the center of all facts, the Federal Statistical Office. Thomas Müller is the statistically calculated most average name with 81 million citizens, with more than 50.000 people sharing this name. Now WHO is this mysterious "Thomas Müller" of Germany, who obviously represents all German men and WHAT does the rest of the world think about the Germans? Thomas Müller should be able to explain it himself. Real Life Thomas Müllers speak about the society and its manners at diverse places - the stock market, the military, the prison and in diverse professions, as comedian, priest, caterer, musician and (of course) as professional soccer player. A documentary road movie with animations, collages and graphics in a comical bizarre way showing Christian Heynen’s search for the right answer. At the end Heynen’s journey is a funny but complex survey on identity, cultural expectations and stereotypes through the whole country. And the big question is still to answer: Are the statistics the truth or is everything just pure coincidence? Maybe the Germans are just too unimaginative with names and too bad they were all born in Germany. Otherwise they could be called Thomas Smith.