Viewers experience the varying landscapes of south-western Africa from the perspective of its indigenous people, the San bushmen.

When Xau and Ghabbo left their village and their families in the Kalahari Desert of Namibia, they did not know what to expect, how long they would be travelling, or what obstacles they would have to overcome in order to reach the legendary land of their forefathers. Taking his inspritation from the tale of an old bushmen, filmmaker Roman Teufel has recorded on film a journey through Namibia – from inside the Kalahari Desert through to the Atlantic Ocean – from the perspective of Africa’s native people. The journey covers a distance over 2000 km across a country of fascinating, bizarre, sometimes surreal landscapes, which are home to a rare variety of flora and fauna. Roman Teufel makes it clear through his film that continued globalisation threatens to destroy the culture of the San people, putting them and their way of life at risk of being lost forever. The documentary presents their traditional way of life and their special world view in a truly amazing, understandable and tangible way.