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With millions of records sold, the German band TOKIO HOTEL became a teenage sensation, first in Germany and then internationally. A close-up portrait of a band that has grown up and follows its own, highly individual path.
At the age of nine, German twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz decided they wanted to become famous. By the time they were twelve, they had formed a band together with Gustav Schäfer and Georg Listing that went on to conquer the world as Tokio Hotel. They were admired, ridiculed, hated and adored… And they became a huge success: their albums went platinum in 60 countries, their concerts sold out and the androgynous Bill became a style icon. Rich and famous in their early twenties, the twins flew to Los Angeles in their private jet, leaving behind thousands of devoted fans and a life behind protective walls. They wanted their freedom back… but they had no idea what the future held. The film delves deep into the lives of the band members, accompanying Bill and Tom through Californian deserts and visiting Gustav and Georg in their hometown of Magdeburg. They talk about the price they paid for success, the inseparability of the twins, about love, sexuality, home and music. The band comes together in a Berlin studio to record their new album and prepare for their next world tour. With steely determination and a lifetime of experience, the musicians pursue their childhood dream: the pop fairytale that is Tokio Hotel…

Music / Feature Documentary
Length 90’/52′ HD
Film by Oliver Schwabe
Co-Production Bildersturm Filmproduktion with RBB/ARTE and WDR
Original Title Tokio Hotel – Hinter die Welt

copyright pictures: Martin Ehleben and Bildersturm Filmproduktion