People with disabilities on the theatre stage are still an absolute exception. Lucy and Yulia set an example. The film accompanies the two talented actors on their path to professional theatre.

Breakthrough Stage follows the trials and tribulations, the obstacles and triumphs of Lucy and Yulia, two women who face special challenges in their professions because of their physical disabilities. They are both at the start of their careers and determined to perform in professional German repertory theatre. They want to become state-recognised actors. But they are not just two talented actors with disabilities. The women’s determination, energy and courage command attention on stage and on screen, impacting many levels of social perception. Their successful entry into professional German theatre is a profound statement against the accepted norms of a world where fashion, profit and sexism dictate the aesthetics of the female body. Lucy and Yulia embody an “otherness” in terms of femininity, physicality, sexuality, gender, aesthetics, professionalism and performance. They assert not only their own unequivocal right to equality in society, but also that of all people with disabilities. Lucy and Yulia are icons of alternative opportunities in today's society.