Is menopause really a deficiency disorder, as the huge range of drugs, medicines and hormones suggest? Or simply part of our aging process? We ask international doctors, researchers and scientists.

Almost every woman who enters menopause wants to know what's happening to her body and how she will cope during this stage of her life. A huge range of medicines, remedies and hormones available on the market suggest the menopause is a curable "deficiency disorder". But do the symptoms of menopause really need to be treated? Are artificial hormones a necessary medication and thus a way of helping women who suffer? Or are they lifestyle drugs that reflect the zeitgeist which refuses to acknowledge ageing people and thus implies they are "inadequate beings"? We report on scientific and medical contexts and reveal the latest findings in international research. We ask scientists, researchers and doctors: Why does menopause even exist? Do men go through menopause? How has it developed historically and how is it perceived in other cultures?