On this journey, we find out more about the Italian soul through the culinary culture of its people. From Piedmont to Apulia, our protagonists invite us to take a peek into their kitchens.

Far from the bustling tourist hotspots, we look at the soul of Italy and find out more about the country through its culinary culture. Each episode is a journey of discovery that intrigues and inspires. Various protagonists offer us a personal glimpse of their everyday lives and invite us to visit their most sacred place: the kitchen. The recipes and ingredients reflect the culture of the country and are flavoured with the spectacular scenery of the individual regions. From the varied backdrops of Alpine peaks and plains, vineyards, national parks and the Piedmont lakes, the journey takes us to Tuscany and the coastal region around Livorno, where food cultures from the last seven centuries come together and wine-growing is considered the work of heroes. In the deep south, we travel through Apulia. The region that forms the heel of Italy’s boot is one huge fruit and vegetable patch where all the ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine grow in abundance. With its rich vegetation, Sicily has a bit of Africa, Arabia, Byzantium and Athens, a little Rome and even a touch of Spain. Ancient orchards, olive groves and plantations of prickly pears show themselves in all their magnificence.

Episodes :
Delicious Piedmont: Piedmont: The Alps / The Lakes / The Heart of Piedmont / The Langhe
Delicious Tuscany: On the Coast / In the Mountains / Maremma and Val d’Orcia / The Heart of the Country
Delicious Apulia: The Gargano / Terra di Bari / The Land of the Trulli / Salento
Delicious Sicily: From the Coast to the Island's Interior / The Fertile South / In the Shadow of Etna / The Historical North