Around 5% of all children and adolescents worldwide are affected by the reading and spelling disorder dyslexia. How well researched are the causes of dyslexia, and what treatments are available?

Dyslexia is a complex condition whose causes are still not fully understood. There is also a lack of consensus amongst scientists about treatment methods. This is one of the reasons why children diagnosed with dyslexia in different education systems around the world rarely achieve the academic qualifications that reflect their abilities and skills. Severe reading and spelling impairments can result in general academic failure at school because reading is needed not only in linguistic subjects, but also in all other academic areas. This film takes a look at the difficult, psychologically stressful situation affected children face at school and in their everyday life. It showcases success stories, and finds out how internationally renowned researchers are searching for the causes and possible treatment methods. Teachers, parents, therapists and legal experts shed more light on the subject of dyslexia and confront prejudices that have been circulating for decades.