Elektra One is a single-seat, electrically powered composite aircraft. The electricity for the plane is generated by solar-charging hangars. Its designer is aviation pioneer Calin Gologan. Will the aircraft of the future make the test flight from France to Tunisia?

Planes are his great passion. Calin Gologan has invented and built numerous planes – big ones for Airbus, small ones for amateur pilots. Five years ago, he had an experience that changed everything. At an air display, he watched an electrically powered hang-glider soar over spectators. Calin had never seen anything like it. He knew that's what he wanted to do: design an environment-friendly aircraft, powered by solar-charged batteries! Since then, Calin's life has revolved around electric planes. He has spent his entire savings on building the first prototype, encouraging others to support him, contacting experts and turning his first Elektra One prototype into the world's best electric aircraft. "I was fascinated by Roland Garros' record flight across the Mediterranean. That was in 1913 and back then he said that in 100 years time, the distance could be covered by electrically driven aircraft." Gologan's greatest wish is to fulfil this prophecy and complete the 800-k flight from France to Tunisia in his Elektra One. Director Arno Trümper spent three years filming Calin Gologan and documenting the modern-day aviation pioneer's life and struggle. Will he make it across the Mediterranean in his ultra-light aircraft?