Breathtaking canyons, lakes and rivers: from the Tatra Mountains via the Dordogne to the Danube Delta, this series explores extraordinary, still unspoilt corners of Europe where water plays a central role.

Where the elements of water and earth meet, the forces of nature are unleashed in a dramatic way. Spectacular landscapes and extraordinary habitats are created for plants and wildlife. And the energies they release have a magnetic effect on man. Often, though, it’s a case of love at second sight. As travel destinations, inland bodies of water have always been overshadowed by coastal shores. But this appears to be changing. The environmentally conscious and especially younger people are becoming increasingly interested in these intact landscapes in the heart of Europe. Once they have discovered the magic of these unspoilt regions, they soon want more. This series takes us to little-known areas of untouched natural beauty where water plays a central role: breathtaking canyons, lakes, rivers and landforms whose rich fauna and flora leave a lasting impression on us. Because of the biodiversity of these exceptional regions, some are already protected as national parks, UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites or biosphere reserves. The series introduces us to five especially stunning landscapes in Europe. Far from the usual tourist trails, we explore unique spots in Poland, Slovakia, Romania, France, Montenegro and Germany.