Nineteen-year-old Ekhlas is a survivor of IS captivity who campaigns internationally for recognition of the Yazidi genocide.

In 2014, the "Islamic State" launched a genocide against the Yazidi people in Iraq. Ekhlas was 14 years old at the time and the youngest sister in a family of seven siblings. Her father was killed before her very eyes and Ekhlas herself was captured by IS fighters. She tried to take her life three times, but after six months managed to escape and enter Germany as a refugee. Since then she has campaigned tirelessly and internationally for justice and recognition of the Yazidi genocide − for herself, her family, and for all Yazidi people. She was one of the first to publicly report the human rights violations by the IS to the British parliament in 2016 and later at the UN. Five years on, at the beginning of 2019, Ekhlas' sister Makboule also managed to escape captivity. We accompany Ekhlas on her journey to the Iraqi camp where her sister has found refuge. An emotional reunion – Ekhlas wants to help her sister grow strong again. We tell the story of a remarkable young woman, a survivor, who defies the darkness of terror with a smile and astonishing determination.