Summer on the mountain pastures – we find out about the traditional family life of Kyrgyz nomad children and we accompany them to the yurt school, where they are introduced to the modern world and Kyrgyz traditions.

Many families in northern Kyrgyzstan are spending summers on mountain pastures again just like their ancestors. They breed animals – especially horses – and live in yurts. For the children, this is a special time. With no school for three months, they can enjoy the spectacular, unspoilt mountain scenery and learn about traditional nomadic life. But the girls and boys have to help their parents a lot with household chores and with the animals, so their holidays are not always fun. Some time ago, a yurt school was set up in the mountains, where children can meet, learn and play together during the summer. Instead of going on holiday, Jenya Sharjeva, the head of the village kindergarten, visits the nomad children at the school every day. She wants to improve their educational opportunities with learning and play activities, while also incorporating customs and the children’s families. We find out about the traditional nomadic life on the mountain pastures, accompany 12-year-old Alihan and his father to the famous horse market in Karakol, and we’re there when teacher Jenya introduces her charges to the modern world and Kyrgyz traditions in the yurt school.