With the explosion of the economic crisis, thousands of Spanish horses were abandoned by their owners. A group of girls has gathered around a horsewoman to give these unwanted animals a new lease of life. A cinematic novel about a childhood on the countryside and the first encounter with death.

A long summer on the Costa Blanca in southeast Spain. Horse lovers Paula and Xana spend all their spare time at the horse sanctuary APAC. Their supervisor Lois, who has come here from England, looks after the weak and undernourished animals. Paula's favourite horse Roneo has to be put down, which is why Xana takes over her duties on the farm and helps Lois struggle against the odds. Alexandra Kaufmann has produced an exceptional coming-of-age film full of poignant warmth and lightness. A cinematic novella about a childhood in the countryside and the first experience of death. Lois is a resolute "Mother Teresa" for neglected animals and a strong role model for two girls as they find their way in the world.

Las Hermanas de Rocinante – Trailer from NEW DOCS on Vimeo.