Can the human brain really handle several tasks at once? The film exposes the myth about effective multitasking and takes a scientific look at its feasibility in the real world.

Multitasking is a challenge and a myth at the same time. The multitude of tasks that have to be carried out in an increasingly complex working world and constant real-time communication are a challenge to the human brain and its limited attention capacity. What has science found out about this subject and how can we make our work and living environments brain-friendly? From their different perspectives, all scientists reach more or less the same conclusion: that humans are capable of multitasking only to a limited extent. Trying to perform multiple tasks simultaneously is detrimental – also on a long-term basis – to our brain, our performance capacity and our health. Various studies carried out in very different sectors show that economic capacities are also wasted by multitasking and up to a quarter of turnover is lost. The film exposes the myth about effective multitasking and, supported by scientific research, examines its feasibility in the real world to find ways of coping better with the complex tasks we face in our private and professional lives.