Leyla and her six-year-old daughter Nila are inseparable. But Nila is the product of a so called “temporary marriage”, which leaves her legal status unclarified and prevents her from going to school. Leyla relentlessly fights for her daughter’s custody

Leyla and her six-year-old daughter Nila live in the holy city of Mashhad, Iran. Nila is the product of a temporary marriage, which allows a man to be married to a woman for a pre-determined and limited time, even if he is already married. Children born out of these relationships do not legally exist. Unless the father acknowledges their existence, a birth certificate cannot be issued, and without a birth certificate the child cannot attend school. However, if the birth certificate shows the name of the father, the father has the right to claim custody of the child after it turns seven. Nila’s father has never shown any interest in his daughter but he threatens to take her away from Leyla. The documentary film chronicles Leyla’s relentless efforts to clarify Nila’s legal status, to obtain permission for her to attend school and to secure her future. In a never-ending administrative struggle, Leyla is fighting not only the legal system but also a judgmental society, constant verbal aggression, threats from Nila’s father, sexual harassment from a lawyer who is supposed to help her and other setbacks. Throughout this, she tries to shield her daughter from all she is going through and make her life as positive as possible.